Richburg Baptist Church
Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Pastoral Staff

Our Pastoral Staff at Richburg is made up of a wonderful group of caring deacons and their wives who would be happy to help you. We believe deacon ministry is Biblically commended to help fill the needs of pastoral care and service to the church. These prayerfully selected men demonstrate a desire to be servants and have a heart for God's people.
They are called to be healers for the brokenhearted, helpers for the needy, heroes to the young, and harmonizers in the church body. 
Deacon Tony Dorsey                              Deacon Reggie Ford
Wife: Linda                                                                 Telephone number:(601)268-1747
Telephone number: (601)550-5531
Deacon Donald Foret                              Deacon Steve Singley
Wife: Willa                                                                   Wife: Linda
Telephone number: (601)271-7344                        Telephone number: (601)264-2890
Deacon Robert Smith
Wife: Naomi
Telephone number: (601)264-4768
Pray for these couples as they minister among the flock.